Bold dates indicate Dr visits
'#' indicates a note from Doctor Calzaretto

1 - 11/06/19     Decision time. I have just spent one hour with my health care provider (Doctor Calzaretto) and well, I have some healthy choices to make which involve some significant life style changes. Why? Well, I’m almost 73, retired and recently stopped smoking and, I’ve gained weight and, I am just plain out of shape and feel it. So, I’ve got some real decisions to make going forward. Had my first manipulation…a little sore.

11/7/19 - I’ve decided to keep a journal/diary to help me help myself and keep on track. So here goes. By the way, feeling a little like I was run over after the adjustment.

2 - 11/8/19– Had my second adjustment and now feel like a Mack truck ran over me…whew. I trust it will get better.

First of all, I like and trust Doc C and that’s important. We covered so many things on my first visit so I am going to slowly begin to implement them as all at once is a bit overwhelming. After all it took me years to get where I am physically so I’m going to try to change what I can as I can and not stress myself out about it. For example, one of the key recommendations beyond improved diet and exercise was no sugar. Well that just may be almost as difficult as giving up smoking (I think I’m addicted). So I am going to cut it out…but not today. I just had a Fat Boy Premium Ice-cream and I loved it. Again, today I am just trying to get my head right on what steps to take and when and my daily ice cream is not part of the immediate changes. Stupid, yeah, but I will do it and do it my way. So I see the next few days as getting things in order such as shopping for the correct foods, drinking more water with proper acolytes and starting the recommended stretching exercises. With this framework in place I feel I can logically and slowly move toward my health goals. So in summary, I am getting it together mentally first.

11/9/19 – Still sore so I emailed Doc C and here is his response, which frankly, helped me better understand what is happening with my body.

# Drink lots of water and a hot shower. The detox water will also help in removing the metabolites. The soreness is due to the release of metabolites from the treatment. Even though it may seem like we are not doing much we are having a major impact on your body which includes reducing stress in your nervous system, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The stretches we perform breaks up scar tissue and adhesions which also contributes to the release of toxins and metabolites into the blood stream which irritates the pain receptors. This is all part of the healing process which you are having the true pleasure of experiencing first hand! Lol! The concern is monitoring how the body heals and for the doctor to adapt to the patient. Maintaining a dialog will assist with each treatment as we move forward! Enjoy the amazing healing ability of the human body! It is fascinating!

11/10/19 - Time for some research. I’ve never taken supplements or daily vitamins before and Doc C recommended Magnesium, CoQ10 and a multi vitamin. So, I looked them up on-line to get a better understanding of why I should take them and what they can do for my body health. I guess for me; this is step one on my new habits. I am starting today and will hope to feel some results in 30-60 days (I’ll let you know). I can get this going and then look into the next issues like diet and exercise. Wow, there is a lot to do to fix “the machine”. Still sore from “adjustment”. Next visit in 3 days.

I think I will attack each in this order:

  • Getting right mentally - ongoing
  • Starting the supplements – daily commitment
  • Starting the water detoxing – just do it
  • Tackling the exercise component – again, just do it
  • Trying to organize the food intake – little help from my wife
  • Keeping up with the journal for me, Doc C and potentially his other patients

11/11/19   This day has absolutely nothing to do with my journal on life style changes, but, it is important to note that whatever endorphins are released when someone makes you feel good about yourself seem to add to my overall health.

My daughter gave me one of those black caps that had “Vietnam Veteran” embroidered on it. I just felt funny about wearing it in public. Not sure why, but, it seemed to me those who did were just drawing attention to themselves. Well anyway, my wife told me I should wear it especially today and be proud of my service.

Well beside a few unsolicited “thanks for your service” I was leaving the local grocery store with a group of veterans at the exit. I reached into my wallet to support their efforts and get a small American flag.

It was like running a  gauntlet of mostly Nam vets where every one of them reached out and shook my hand. One asked me where I was stationed and when. And the last man reached out and took my hand…looked me in the eye… and said “welcome home”. Wow, my wife and I walked to our car and neither of us could speak. We were both emotionally overwhelmed. What a healthy rush. Most of the Viet Nam veterans never got a “welcome home”. I can’t blame the attitude at the time and looking back I have a better understanding, but I can only say that my soul felt nourished by those few good men. I will never forget the experience and will pay it forward.

Regarding the Doc C report, still a little sore but getting better. Continued the supplements and built a little wooden box to hold them (I like woodworking). More tomorrow.

11/12/19    How important is water to our overall health? Well, all I have learned is that it is essential. Doc C and others continue to support the value of drinking plenty of water to “flush” the system. At his direction I am now adding cucumbers, lemons, ginger root and mint leaves to help me “detoxify”. I make no judgement and will advise if I feel it is helping. He certainly knows more about it than I do. What’s a metabolite?

Just did my first day with “detoxing”. Doing the water with vegetables uh, it’s ok. Tastes very “cucumbery”. Not my preference but if it really does something…then I ‘ll deal with it. Did ½ gallon and then said that’s enough and opened my beer. This new healthy lifestyle is good, but, there has to be some room for some stuff that’s probably not the best healthy choice. C’mon this also has to be realistic and doable.

Soreness is waning and I am pleased I am starting the positive steps Doc C has outlined. As I said earlier, it took a long time to get here, so a steady and methodical modification of habits seems appropriate. A repeat visit tomorrow. What’s next?

3 - 11/13/19 Still sore…again. Doc is still working on loosening me up. The metabolites are flowing. Going to start tomorrow on theat home stretches to loosen me up for next visit.

Well, after I got home and sat in my recliner…wow I felt like the Mack truck and aPeterbilt truck both hit me. My “adjustment” made the original reason for my visit, the lower back pain, even more pronounced. I truly had trouble walking. At my wife’s urging I put a cold compress on the area for alternating 20 minute intervals. Eventually, it began to ease the inflammation. I’ve just got to ask Doc C if this enhanced pain after my visit is “normal”? I guess I need another clarifying statement from the Doc. I say this not to bug him, but to try to understand as this “repair me” is a joint effort and I need to understand. He has repeatedly said he needs to know me and understand my body and I take him at his word that he is trying. But, I also have to understand so I can help him help me.

He spent 60 full seconds yesterday explaining the fantastic human shoulder joint and when possible I’m going to ask him to put that explanation in writing so I can capture it for my journal.

11/14/19  Well, I feel so much better today. Still a little sore but much better. I started the stretching exercises and will try to do them religiously 2x a day. Lifestyle changes includes creating and maintaining new constructive habits. (Not easy by the way).

11/15/19   Feel pretty good today. Any discomfort almost gone. Pretty amazing the difference 24 hours makes.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call this afternoon from Doc C. He had just received the results of my cervical x-ray and just called to give me his interpretation and reinforce his suspicion that I have some arthritic issues.Although we can’t totally reverse it, we can work on giving me more mobility. It was nice to hear and even though he could have waited until my next appointment I was impressed he took the time to give me a “heads up”. A very professional approach to thorough patient care.

# I explained to Timothy that the x-rays give a visual understanding of the current condition of the skeletal anatomy.  The degenerative phase that the patient may be presenting and what expectations they should achieve under our care. 

11/16/19    Nothing to report

11/17/19  Turned 73 today. A little old and achy but otherwise good. I’m happy to be here and looking forward to many more.

4 - 11/18/19 Adjustment brief but I felt it. I went home and just rested and felt pretty good. Doc C explained to me the four phases of care. I am clearly in the relief phase and we are going slow. We agreed to a two visits per week schedule.

11/19/19    Nothing specific to report. Still feeling a little achy but ok.

11/20/19       Well, I have to say that after my last appointment, I felt I didn’t get much of Doc’s time and my “adjustment” wasn’t very radical. Frankly I felt that the “tempered” adjustment I received seemed to not affect me much. As it turns out, it made today (2 days later) a good one. I guess the point is that not every adjustment has to be super painful to be affective. I’m starting to feel some subtle affects. I will expand on that later.

# When an established patient like Timothy enters the office for a scheduled and structured managed visit, each treatment is unique to that moment.  We are a biological organism influenced by our environment, the foods we consume and the stresses of our daily life.  Although I have a treatment plan designed for the patient, I may deviate or focus on certain areas as it relates to the physical presentation of the patient on that visit.

11/21/19   Nothing new, although I have realized I have had no leg cramps in the morning since starting the supplements (one of my original complaints). We’ll see if that continues. If so, then my body needed something that they provide. Interesting.

5 - 11/22/19 A good shoulder stretching experience and Doc C explained what muscles (deltoids etc.) were involved and how they work together. This man is a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge. I really feel I am in good hands…literally. Oh by the way, Doc said the magnesium was why no more leg cramps. Why do I have to wait until 73 to find this out?

11/23/19    My neck a little sore as he carefully did some stretching to loosen me up. It’s amazing how small purposeful adjustments can affect even hours later. I’m glad he’s taking his time.


6 - 11/25/19 Wow, after today’s meeting I just feel better, taller and brighter. Doc C says it’s all part of the way the body reacts to getting in alignment. I learn something new every time I meet with Doc C.

11/26/19  It is amazing how much better I feel now that my shoulders seem to be loosening up after Doc C performed the stretches for the last five visits. It didn’t happen overnight, but I feel progressively looser and stand straighter as a result. He says he has a plan and he is working it. I’m pleased with the results so far.

# Timothy is starting to experience the euphoric feeling of staying the course and implementing the phases of care we had subscribed.  Healing is multifaceted and requires 100% cooperation with the patient and collaboration from the Doctor.


11/28/19    Well, don’t even think about dieting today. Happy Thanksgiving.

7 - 11/29/19   In and out. Good stretches on shoulders and neck. Feels good. I assume metabolites are flowing.

I asked and learned today that although each patient is different, most take an average of 3-4months to get to the periodic maintenance stage. Then, most adjust monthly. I asked so I know how long to continue this journal. I will continue as long as I feel it may be useful.

11/30/19   Just hangin out.

12/01/19    Achy joints, probably due to weather changes today.

8 – 12/2/19 It is easier said than done. I asked Doc C about the suggested daily stretches. He said yes do them. He also said most people don’t and it just slows the progress. I’ve just got to get in the routine. As he indicated he can “guide” but the patient must “do”.

12/3 through 12/5 Nothing significant to report.

9 - 12/6/19 The shoulder stretches seem to be less painful. It actually hurts “in a good way”. When I left today, I felt good. My whole body seems to be looser and I have greater range of motion. Wow, in one month at 2x a month I am truly feeling better. I’m sure glad I started this effort.

12/7 & 12/8.   Nothing significant to report.

10 -12/9/19 On my way to today’s appointment, I wondered when I might expect a sort of summary of our relationship so far. After my adjustment and brief stretching, Doc C said “let’s review your status and move you to Phase 2” (he does have a plan). I have now graduated from the relief phase where most everything is done by Doc C. Now in phase 2, I have more significant responsibilities. I must make efforts to continue the range of motion exercises and now begin my breathing exercises.

# We now enter Phase 2 of Timothy's care which involves an independent stretch program.  Our initial phases were focused on diet and nutrition.  Now is when the physical work begins!

12/10- 12/12/19 Nothing to report

11 – 12/13/19 Wow…! Part of phase 2 the “corrective” phase includes increasing function and mobility. Well, after additional shoulder stretching and careful neck manipulation Doc C went right to his next step (I was surprised but later impressed with the timing).

My lower lumbar area has not previously seen any direct attention. Well, with some intentional pressures as the table did its unexpected “drops”, Doc C made a large impact on that area which I’m feeling hours later. The metabolites are flowing again.

I’m not sure if things were out of alignment but as of right now 8 hours and 3 advil later, my lower back feels good and I feel straighter and stronger…wow! I am continually impressed with my progress under Doc C’s tutelage.  I need to now also add breathing exercises along with the stretching.

12/14/19   Now that I truly am feeling better and physically loosened up, I am only going to report after each session. In the beginning I felt a need to report daily as my body gave me feedback on a daily basis. Now I’m cruising in-between appointments. It has taken me a month to get here, and each “adjustment” has added to my current feelings.

12 - 12/16/19 Metabolites are flowing again.Another routine adjustment with a little more concentration on my right shoulder (the one I sleep on). It turns out that Doc C said it was “out of line”. He did his magic and I immediately felt relief. After getting home I did feel achy all over and just rested in my recliner and drank my detox water. This is a process that just can’t be rushed.

13 –12/20/19 Bingo! I just feel straighter and stronger. Doc C gave me some new stretches of my legs…whew, I felt it. A little achy again after getting home but felt pretty good the next day.

# Each Adjustment will present an expression of how your body reacts to the healing of your conditions.  The physical and physiological conditions have manifested for decades.  Due to the medical history, a slow and steady healing will allow the body to regenerate in a more through manner.

14 – 12/23/19 Like a snow globe, the metabolites flowed and fluttered through my blood stream. As Doc C suggested, the experience becomes shorter and less invasive after each subsequent visit. I felt good today and stretching was much easier to handle. Wow, this is working. Doc C suggested that soon we are going to discuss nutrition. Complete chiropractic goes on.

15 – 12/27/19 Doc C says I’ve got to keep stretching daily to make all of this successful. I’m delinquent and must set up a designated time to do it, or, it so easily slips by.

16 – 12/30/19 Next phase. We have agreed it’s now time for me to take an even more active role in my own health journey. Diet and exercise are the new marching orders. I will continue to see Doc C but less frequently as my own efforts kick in. There is no easy way out…you’ve got to do it yourself!

# Timothy is becoming more educated and understanding of how the body works and heals.  He is acknowledging the many faults on how he managed his health and struggled with disease.  Reflecting on the last few months, Timothy has embraced health and realizes that it is a journey that one earns through perseverance, discipline and hard work.  As I state, " I would rather be challenged by Health then Stricken by Disease!".

I have now shared my personal observations over the last two months as a new chiropractic patient. My goal to share those experiences to help others new to this “complete” chiropractic experience has been realized. I am also pleased that Doctor Calzarreto has agreed to lend his knowledge and compassion by adding his relevant and appropriate commentary and sharing all of this with his valued patients.

To Doc C’s future patients, I say he’s helped my journey to health and I trust him and his genuine concern for me, and you can too.


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